Multidisciplinary Meeting

There are weekly meetings at the Rosebank Oncology Centre where all oncological patients are discussed. This meeting is accredited for Continuing Professional Development by the University of the Witwatersrand and is chaired by an internationally renowned medical oncologist, Prof Bernardo Leon Rapoport and Dr Ronwyn van Eeden.

The meeting is attended by medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, specialist surgeons with an interest in Oncology, radiologists, pathologists and cardiothoracic surgeons

Patients are discussed in great detail, taking in consideration patient [chronological age, physiological age, co-morbidities]  and tumour factors [site, type, pathological and radiological features] and then recommending a tailor-made approach for every patient.

There is no question that a multi-disciplinary approach leads to better outcomes for patients in all respects and all oncological patients should be given the opportunity to be treated using this approach.

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