Welcome to the Surgical Practice of Dr WP de Beer.

Dr WP de Beer has been delivering specialized surgical services at the Netcare Linksfield Park Clinic since 2004. The philosophy of the practice is to strive for excellence, using a team approach.

Our team consists of the patient, surgeon, surgical staff, nursing personnel as well as the funders and we believe that everyone in the team plays a vital role to achieve a successful result. Furthermore, all oncological patients are discussed at a Multi-disciplinary Meeting at the Rosebank Oncology Centre.

Dr de Beer believes that to have healthcare that is sustainable, careful attention should be given to offer the correct procedure in the most cost-effective manner.

While Dr De Beer does most surgical procedures, his main interest is that of laparoscopic surgery and especially colorectal surgery. He has attended multiple post-graduate courses, nationally as well as internationally, to hone his skills in laparoscopic surgery.

Dr de Beer is also a proponent of ERAS which has been shown to decrease complications, hospital stay as well as medical costs. The practice has a fully functional endoscopy suite and most gastro and colonoscopies are performed in the office, reducing costs to patients as well as medical aids.  

    Dr de Beer’s surgical interests are:

    • Colorectal Surgery
    • Laparoscopic surgery of all types
    • Oncological Surgery
    • Endocrine surgery, excluding Surgery of the Pancreas
    • Breast Surgery
    • Endoscopies, including Gastro and Colonoscopies
    • Head and Neck Surgery including thyroidectomies and parathyroidectomies
    Dear Dr De Beer, I would like thank you for the great care in which you have treated me, I believe that if you had not treated me with the urgency in which you did and not possessed the great expertise in less than ideal situations, I may not be here today. I thank God that he had chosen you to perform the surgery and for giving you such a great gift. You have saved my life and for that I am extremely grateful Many thanks – MH

    My Practice Team

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